We are a vibrant church that loves to see people have a vibrant and real relationship with Jesus. ARISE is a family who love God and love people and who want to see the name of Jesus lifted up in our generation.

We are passionate about New Zealand. We love this nation and know God has great things in store for NZ - we are excited to be a part of what He is doing here and are eager to do all we can to serve and love the people of Aotearoa. We are one church, across New Zealand, currently with campuses in Wellington, Hamilton & Christchurch and we love to gather together to celebrate and worship our great God.

ARISE is a generational church, young and old, we simply love people! There is a place for you at ARISE. This is a family that is committed to growing - you are welcome, we'd love to get to know you.

John & Gillian Cameron - Leaders of ARISE Church

John and Gillian are people who love God and love people with all their hearts. In 2002 they followed God's call to move to Wellington and start ARISE with a team of 7 people. They have never looked back since. Together they are passionate about the local church, and seeing leaders and ministers empowered to impact this nation for Jesus Christ. John has also authored 2 powerful books, Enter In and Momentum, both written out of his leadership experience and heart to see people step into the fullness God has for them. 

John and Gillian have been married for seventeen years and have 2 beautiful children, Lara and Will. As a family they love to be active in the great outdoors, and spend time with all the precious people in their lives! 


ARISE kids is a cranking place for kids to have crazy fun, make great friends and meet with Jesus in a real & relevant way! Kids have an opportunity to learn & grow in the things of God and make a great difference for Jesus in their world. We know that God loves his children, even the tiniest, cute little ones & so do we! We have sessions especially created to be appropriate and exciting for every child and there’s always a ton of fun!

Intermediates: BOOST

BOOST is where the party is at! We know that the transition to being a teenager & in to high school can be an interesting season, and so with BOOST we focus on pre-teens - loving them, encouraging them, urging them on to all that God has for them, plus it's always epic fun! It's awesome to see 11 or 12 year olds get fired up for Jesus and live with a passion & a purpose!

Teenagers: Elevate

Elevate is the place to be if you're at high school! We have youth services in all three main cities and simply put, they are INCREDIBLE! Teenagers love to praise God with passion, to worship with all they've got and to make memories that will last them a lifetime. There's always a super fun games and an impacting message that draws young people closer to Jesus and fuels them for mission in their high schools and communities. We love teenagers, we know they play an awesome part in the fabric of church and are making an awesome difference for Jesus. This.Is.Elevate.

Young Adults: HUGE

ARISE Church has a mandate to reach the university students and young adults of New Zealand with the truth & love of Jesus Christ. We have always been, and will always be, passionate about seeing those in their young adult years - whether they are studying or in the workforce - meet with Jesus in such a way that it continues to impact every area of their life. Huge! is about Community - doing life together, Mission - living a passionate life for Jesus, and Encounter - getting in the presence of God & engaging with Him. Huge! is about seeing young adults GET THE GOODNESS!

Young Professionals: Young Inc. 

At ARISE we believe that living a life of mission and passion for Jesus doesn't end when you finish your education - rather, God has called us all to be salt & light to the world wherever we are. Young Inc is about gathering people in their late-20s & 30s and seeing them meet with God and live a life pursuing Him. We know that the marketplace is an important and influential part of society & love to see young professionals find a home in church.

A place to belong… 

Whatever sphere of life you're in, whatever your background, age or family make-up, you have a place to belong at ARISE. We have activities & events for families, whether your kids are young & older. This is a church that loves and acknowledges those working and those in their retirement, like we said above, we simply love people. ARISE is about God and people; we'd love you to make yourself at home here.